The Filipino Shirt Barong

A traditional Filipino shirt, known as a barong, is worn at a wedding. Originally made from pineapple and banana silk, a barong is intended to be worn untucked. Whether worn tucked in or out, it’s a good way to showcase its intricate design. The men who attended the wedding wore barongs, as did Jim. They even wore them as tuxedos.

During the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, the barong was mandatory for all Filipinos. It was designed to denote the class differences between the rich and the poor. It was also designed to distinguish servants from their employers. Historically, the Spanish wanted to emphasize the fact that Filipinos were a social class. By wearing a barong, these people were able to recognize their position in society. However, the Filipino shirt barong is still a distinctive clothing style.

There are several styles of Filipino shirt barong. Banana fabric is a traditional barong fabric made from banana fiber. It is usually woven with geometric designs. Banana fabric is typically made in the Visayas island of Negros. A more recent barong fabric is pina-jusi. It uses pineapple fibers and jusi, a kind of grass, to create a barong with more formality at a lower cost.

Although the Barong has evolved over time, the Philippine national costume continues to be an essential part of Filipino culture. From its pre-Hispanic Native wear to its current incarnation, the Barong Tagalog has a rich history. Today, it has gained worldwide popularity as a symbol of resistance against colonization. Its history is fascinating and the design is timeless. So, make sure to try one on!

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