How Much Does Education Cost in the UK?

There are major differences between England and other developed nations in the quality and affordability of education. The UK has the highest tuition fees in the world, but the regional divide is worldnewshunt  even wider. London’s local economy has a higher proportion of adults with a higher education qualification than north-east England, and the number of young people amazinginfo entering university in London and the south is rising, while it is falling in the north.

The latest government spending round has injected a major boost into school funding. However, while this will help plug the holes that have been left since 2009, there has been no real increase in thewebgross spending per pupil over the past 13 years. The Department for Education (DFE) said that the boost was the biggest it has seen for education in a decade. Meanwhile, the UK magazineweb360 government is putting more money into universities, and the amount per student at public universities has increased by 50% since the 1990s.

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