Highest Commission Sales Jobs

When sales representatives begin a job search, it’s often a time to reflect on what they want out of their career.

New opportunities are presented with every job alert. What should sales reps look for in a job?

Many are concerned with maximizing income. That’s why we go through the daily grind, right?

One path to this goal is to find high-commission sales jobs, as these give sales representatives the best chance to bring home the largest salary.

Look at some of the hallmarks of high-commission sales jobs and specific positions that can net you the largest pay.

Where Do I Look for High Commission Sales Jobs?

This question is in the back of every sales rep’s mind as they search through job description after job description.

Key factors of sales positions make them more likely to offer high commissions. These are:

  • The type of customers you are targeting
  • Who do you sell for
  • What services or products are you selling

Consider, one at a time, how each of these details can lead to high commissions.

Account Manager for Enterprises

The clients you sell to greatly influence the amount of potential commission you can pull in.

Sales representatives selling to businesses with a larger price tag on each closed deal stand to rake in more commissions than those selling to individuals makeeover.

And when those client companies are large corporations and the sales position offers uncapped commissions, the potential is for a great windfall.

Sell for the Market Leader

Who you sell for is just as important as who you sell to. When you sell for a well-established market leader in your industry, there is a greater possibility for high commission payouts.

The company got to where it’s at because it’s doing something right. They could have found the answer to the best sales strategy. Or they may have a truly outstanding product.

Most companies in this position will pay a higher base salary and commission to sales reps with a proven track record to maintain that lead.

Marketing Expensive Products and Services

The products or services sold are the third factor determining higher commissions in a given sales job.

For example, a sales representative who can close a $100K deal will expect to get more commission than one who closes a $1K deal.

Common Commission Structure Plans

Before we look at specific examples of high-commission sales jobs, we should say a few words about how to commission pay is set up.

This has a bearing on the income that can be realized.

Straight Commission

The sales representative is paid based on closed sales only, and this is usually the most aggressive commission percentage possible with the highest earnings potential.

However, there is no base salary. Many sales reps will be concerned about making little to no income if they cannot close deals, even due to situations beyond their control.

Draw Against Future Commission Earnings

Some commission structure plans allow for a straight commission plan but allow a sales agent to ‘borrow’ against sales they will make in the future.

This gives the salesperson the security of a safety net while maintaining the high commission potential.

Base Salary Plus Commission

A base salary plus commission arrangement gives the sales team member an agreed-upon base salary.

They also receive a commission on every sale – generally a smaller percentage.

Most commission sales jobs fall in this category as it serves as a balance between the other structures.

However, there are specific use cases for each structure listed here.

Salary Plus Bonuses Paid

A fourth type of commission pay structure is salary plus bonuses. This gives the sales representative incentive payouts for reaching specific sales goals.

While this method can be a great motivator to get sales agents to reach the next level, it could also lead to a leveling-off immediately after reaching the tier.

Examples of the Highest Commission Sales Jobs

What specific sales positions and industries can you achieve the highest commissions in?

Sales Engineers

Sales engineers are tasked with selling businesses technology products and services.

These specialized sales agents will need additional technical training and skills to be viewed as expert authorities by customers.

They may also be engaged in the product development of these solutions or give top-level support to clients.

Advertising Sales Agents

An advertising sales agent is responsible for selling advertising space to businesses or individuals. This may be in different media like online, broadcast, or print.

Their business development duties include cold-calling potential clients, providing customer service, and delivering sales demonstrations.

Insurance Sales Agents

An insurance sales agent works for companies that offer one or more types of insurance like life, health, or auto insurance.

They reach out to potential customers and provide details about policy features, helping the customer choose the plan that will fill their needs.

The insurance sales agent will also help existing clients with policy renewals and work to maintain customer retention.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help clients buy, sell, or rent a property. Agents will work for real estate brokers licensed to operate their businesses.

Job prospects in this industry will vary based on the level of economic expansion overall or in a given region.

Travel Agents

Travel agents organize and book travel for individuals or groups, and they may coordinate transportation, lodging, activities, and tours.

They may also be on call to arrange alternatives when plans change mid-trip.


Many sales jobs provide high commission benefits. Look for a position that places you selling to new business accounts with an industry-leading company and with high-value products and services.

Consider the commission structure offered and find one that works well with your situation.

Shop around other businesses to find an industry that fits your interest and features historically high commissions like technical fields, advertising, insurance, or real estate.

Finally, consider future career advancement. With the right sales experience, you could move up to an area manager or lead sales manager position over high-commission salespersons.

That will come with salary benefits too. It never hurts to be the boss odisha discom

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